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SAP Business ByDesign



SAP Business ByDesign ERP software is a comprehensive, cloud-based, Software as a Service (SaaS) business management solution designed to provide small- and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) with all the benefits of a large-scale business application without the need for a full-scale IT department. With Business ByDesign, SMEs gain the same access to SAP business processes expertise that many of the world’s leading companies rely on to maintain their competitive edge.

SAP Business ByDesign enterprise resource planning solution is delivered on demand and managed by SAP, eliminating the need for up-front capital costs, maintenance, or upgrades. The solution is administered and maintained by SAP experts in world-class hosted data centers.

The solution’s intuitive software and user-friendly interface are tightly integrated with Microsoft Office to support easy adoption and increased productivity. Built-in support for mobile computing provides secure access to business processes anytime, anywhere, from any device.

SAP Business ByDesign ERP solution for manufacturing and distribution businesses includes the following modules for enhanced business operations:

  • Executive Management Support helps executives to meet company targets.
  • Financial Management offers users powerful tools to fulfill financial goals.
  • Customer Relationship Management aids in building successful customer relationships.
  • Compliance Management helps companies in facilitating full compliance.
  • Supplier Relationship Management empowers smarter purchasing.
  • Supply Chain Management promotes efficiency within the supply chain.
  • Human Resources Management helps to manage the workforce.
SAP SuccessFactors



SuccessFactors is the leading cloud-based HR and talent management system, which presents features that are robust, flexible, and beautiful, and which help maximize your workforce and prepare them for tomorrow. 

SuccessFactors is at the center of technology revolution of today. The market leader when it comes to enterprise application software, the platform helps businesses address the damaging effects of complexity, offer new opportunities for development and innovation, and stay ahead of the competition. Now, you can design an all-in workforce, and keep the whole team on the same page. SuccessFactors is one of the few HR management systems that can genuinely revolutionize handling HR, and lead businesses towards growth by simply assigning tasks in a better way.


SuccessFactors is a worldwide cloud-based business execution software provider, and a part of the powerful SAP productivity suite. The tool allows for collaboration, on-boarding, and a variety of social business tools, and combines those with a learning management system (LMS), performance solution, recruiting assets, applicant tracking platform, talent management, succession planning, and HR analytics to provide you with business strategy alignment, maximum people performance, for teams of all scales and more than 60 different industries. The full suite is priced reasonably, to say at least, with an individually tailored package for all users. 

What satisfied customers really appreciate about SuccessFactors is that it provides more than process efficiency as well as transaction cost savings. Businesses can use its full suite of talent solutions, collaboration, core HR, and workforce analytics to help improve productivity and engage, retain, and even motivate employees. Nowadays, SuccessFactors is an often preferred system for smart acquisition, which our experts garner to be fascinating in several critical business fronts. To start with, it will provide progressive protection of talented and valuable workers, and distinguish bad performance before it has caused whatever damage to your business.

The commitment to cloud-based HR marketing is probably the most valuable, and less visible benefit from using SAP SuccessFactors. It is only after a reasonable period of using it that businesses understand they’ve accelerated results, by using the system’s outstanding memory and analytics to query a number and volume of data layers they never expected to.

SAP Hybris



SAP Hybris is your partner in the digital economy. This solution empower you to build stronger relationships with your customers by engaging them at every point in their journey with you.


SAP Hybris products help companies to:

1) Provide customers with a consistent and contextual experience regardless of channel or device.

2) Offer customers unprecedented control over their customer journey and their privacy.

3) Use all available structured and unstructured product and customer data to optimize customer interactions in real-time.

4) Adopt an agile, customer-centric business model with modern financial processes.

5) Unify commerce, marketing, revenue, sales and customer service in the back-office to deliver great customer experiences.

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