Our Vision

Jupiter2000 aim is to be recognized as the best training provider, education institution and IT consulting services in the Middle East

“We strive to be the best learning academy and IT consulting services providers in MENA by driving values to clients, individuals, staff, shareholders and community.

Our values

  • Trust: Promises made, Promises Kept.
  • Relationships: Listen, anticipate, respond and follow through with our Customers.
  • Solutions: Diagnose, Think, Develop and provide superior custom business solutions
  • Respect: multicultural, multilingual, collaborative, and respect for our commitments.
  • Empower: People centric, non-hierarchical, generosity to share our know-how with colleagues and clients.
  • Innovate: Creativity, drive change, ability to take risks and responsibilities and to assess and manage those risks at any given moment.
  • Equity: fairness and justice, the value is built up in our service
  • Integrity: accountability, behavior, morality and virtue
  • Quality: our product is reliable, maintainable, or sustainable.


Our Mission

is to continuously provide our customers with full business consultancy services in order to improve their business centricity, dependency and contribute positively on their success and competitiveness, by meeting their requirements through our world-class, innovative and affordable services and by continuously transferring knowledge to all parties involved. We intend to reach our target through the development of our staff, our intellectual property, our community and the investment in our technology and service based partnerships and resources.